Monday, October 26, 2015

Prince and Princess de Bourbon

Prince and Princess de Bourbon King Kalākaua was the first ruling Monarch to tour of the world; a few years later, another royal party toured the world, with a short visit in the Islands, “Among the passengers on the steamer Australia, which arrived yesterday from Honolulu, were Count de Bardi, an Austrian prince of royal blood, and his wife, the Countess de Bardi.” “The royal pair, accompanied, by their retinue, started about two years ago on a tour around the world and are now on their way home. Since leaving home they have traveled in Africa, India, Borneo, Java, China, Japan and other places. … While at Honolulu King Kalākaua save a grand ball at the royal palace in their honor.” "From basement to battlements on every side the noble pile was profusely hung with rows of colored lanterns”.

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